Saturday, March 28, 2015

Two Months In

If I've learned anything so far, it's that medical school is incredibly humbling. Not that I was arrogant before, but the past two months has definitely shown me (and probably everyone else), that what you think you know doesn't even skim the top of what you need to know. There's definitely more "growing-up" to do.

There are 4 lectures per day from 1-4pm, Monday through Friday, with mornings reserved for labs and review of the previous days' lectures. The key to Term 1 is a solid study method and time management. Coming out from college, we've all been doing things a certain way. That way probably won't get you too far here, but it really helps to plan every minute of every day, and make sure everything on your to-do list is taken care of and completed by the end of the day. Easier said than done, I know.

So far I've survived midterms, and there's around 50 more days until the end of finals! Oh, and Easter "break" is next week- we get Friday off through Monday. It should be a good break, being that we don't have spring break :-/

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Make Up & Medical School

So now that I'm done with my midterms, I thought it would be interesting to talk about MAKEUP. School has been incredibly busy, and everyone seems to be bumming around in lounge clothes (myself included- yoga pants are my new best friend). However, refusing to let it all go, these are the products that have been getting me through the semester. I know. I've been keeping it (very) simple.

Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer
I've been using this one as my moisturizer in the morning. It's slightly sticky/tacky texture after you apply it makes a perfect base for foundation, BB cream, whatever else. Oh, and it smells amazing.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
Shades Light and Light/Medium
I've been mixing the two to come up with the "perfect" color. Being in such a super sunny and humid environment, I needed something that won't clog my pores, or allow me to look like a huge ball of grease in the facial area! I'm happy to say that this product does both.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation (long enough name right?)
Shade: Light-Medium-Neutral
I don't use this product on the daily, but for those days when I don't feel like mixing BB cream, I'll go for this. It definitely isn't full coverage by any means, I'd say the coverage between this and the Smashbox BB is similar- unless you build it up. I do like that there's a little net in the product that keeps the powder from getting everywhere, but it is a little difficult to get to the product at the same time. I've been using this with the accompanying brush.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder - Diffused Light
This has been by go-to setting powder this term. It brightens up the complexion and gives a "soft-focus" effect. It goes beautifully over the BB creams, and keeps things matte a little bit longer. I also love how you can't over-do this powder, and it's been going strong regardless of how tan (or not) I am. I use this with my Real Techniques Powder Brush.

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow
Love love love this. I'm sure you've heard about this before, as everyone seems to be talking about it. Besides the fact that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, the product in it is amazing as well. The bronzer looks a little bit shimmery in the pan, but does not apply that way. It's perfect for warming up the face, or in my situation- evening out the tan on my face!

Nars Lipstick - Cruising
This has been my favorite lipstick since forever. It's a pinkish nude that perfectly compliments everyone's lips. You don't need a mirror to put it on, and it feel like a chapstick. Perfection in a tube.