Tuesday, October 11, 2016

SCHOOL | Term 4 update

Happy October everyone! It's my absolute favorite month (and also the month of my birthday!) I've been doing too much online shopping for boots, coats, and sweaters. The Caribbean doesn't really allow any enjoyment of the season, but I'll be visiting home a couple of times in the next two months, so it's completely justified. Right? hah.. I feel as though nothing ever changes here. 86 degrees (but feels like 100), and ridiculously high humidity. Every. single. day. I'm not really a warm weather kind of girl, and so I can't wait for my visit back home to NYC at the end of next week. It'll be a nice little break from school.

ANYWAY.  I didn't mean to ramble. We just finished midterm exams, and I'm excited to say that they went well. It's been the word around campus that this is the most difficult term, but so far I don't feel like that's the case. There's definitely less time in the day since lectures are daily 8am - 12pm and labs 1pm - 5pm and much more volume of material, it's not nearly as difficult as the material from Term 2. I'm so excited that I've come this far, and there's only 55 days left in the term! (Last final is Dec 6).

Keep pushing everyone, we can do this!