Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Week in Photos

It was an almost white Christmas!

A good friend of mine graduated this past Thursday.
Coat: Ted Baker
Bag: Kate Spade
Leggings: J.Crew
Ankle Boots: H&M
Lipstick: Ruby Woo//MAC

 Had a fabulous dinner in Boston with BestFriend.

SURPRISE! Helped a friend drop off a surprise Christmas gift at her boyfriend's place. We picked up the package, delivered it, and wrapped it during his last final exam. Stealthy.

Red Lipstick for festivity. Ruby Woo//MAC

Keeping the accessories simple.
Kate Spade bag
Madden Girl flats //DSW

Look what I found while last minute Christmas shopping! The most adorable balloon(s).

Packing is so hard to do...

Catching a flight to Las Vegas with a few girlfriends in the morning!

Hope you all are having a great holiday!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mid (Finals) Week Haul

Now that the bulk of my finals are over, I decided to treat myself a bit (after my organic chemistry & physics finals today!) to a few things at the mall. I really need to break this habit of post-exam shopping, but for now, it's suiting me just fine.

Madewell has such adorable bags! They're having a 30% off storewide sale (same as J.Crew). The sale applies in store and online, I believe they're doing free shipping as well! Fabulous.


Lipliner: Cherry
Paintpot: Soft Ochre

First stop was MAC. I purchased Ruby Woo lipstick a while ago and I've been wanting a lipliner to go with it, so I picked one up in Cherry. Also, a paintpot in Soft Ochre. It's a matte nude with yellow undertones. It goes really well with my skintone, to brighten up the eyes, or use as an eyeshadow base.

Some jewelry at Madewell! I've been looking at that acorn ring for a while (as well as the brass bow, but they were sold out!), and I also came across this gorgeous cuff bracelet! I love the whimsical look of it being a bent twig. Adds some interest to simple outfits.

This one isn't too interesting. Picked up Boscia blotting linens. I've been using them for years, and they're fantastic. This one is peppermint, I figured I'd give it a try.

Another item that's been on my skincare wishlist for a while! I've heard so many good things, and I'm yet to come across a Caudalie product that I don't like (knock on wood). Excited to try it!

I hope everyone's having a great week<3

Friday, December 14, 2012

Review | Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

After so many recommendations of this product, I picked up the large one (in Honey- the bronze case) last year.

The color seemed to be delightfully nude- pigmented yet still understated, and it was. Sort of. Except that the color seemed a bit fake looking on me - almost an exaggerated nude that didn't go with my skin tone. I also wasn't a fan of the consistency. It's like a lipstick where too much comes off with even the lightest touch in application. I find it to be far too heavy, but then I thought that maybe it's just this particular color...

Then my birthday this year rolled around and Sephora's Beauty Insider birthday gift was this adorable duo of the same lip treatment! I was so excited to try the other colors- especially the Rose (apparently the most popular color).

Left swatch : Honey
Right Swatch: Rose

I love love love the Rose color, it's beautiful and gives just enough color and warmth to the face. Again, I don't like the consistency, although the Rose consistency is a bit lighter than the Sugar (clear) and the Honey. I used up the entire clear sample in a little over a week. I felt as though it made my lips more dry- I found myself applying it over and over again obsessively. I don't particularly like this product (even though I tried so hard to)! My favorite out of the three is the Rose, however I wouldn't recommend the product given the price and effectiveness. It made my lips feel really heavy with piled-on product. It was thick but not moisturizing- really disappointing. 

Cost: $22.50
Repurchase: no
Recommend: no

Have you tried this product? What are your lip product recommendations? :-)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Sale, A Candle, A Dress

After my physics exam this morning, I felt up for a bit of shopping- and here was what I picked up!

Camel Sweater

Super adorable and comfortable, but the angora sheds like crazy! Maybe it'll shed less after a wash or two.

Beaded Tank

I was eyeing this tank top a few weeks ago- so glad I didn't purchase it then! Got it for $10 (on sale from $25)

Black Ankle Boots

I've been wanting a pair of black ankle boots since forever, but didn't want to commit to an expensive pair until I was sure I loved the style. These were on sale for $20 (from $50), and a perfect starter pair! They're super comfortable too. I've never purchased shoes from H&M before, so I'm not certain on the quality. Have you?

Diptyque Candle//SpaceNK

Favorite. candle. ever. It smells kind of like a fireplace, but much, much better.

French Connection Fit & Flare Dress
A little black dress! (Had to use a stock photo, You couldn't see the details from my picture :-/) I figure it would go with everything. Can't wait to dress it up for the holidays!