Friday, December 14, 2012

Review | Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

After so many recommendations of this product, I picked up the large one (in Honey- the bronze case) last year.

The color seemed to be delightfully nude- pigmented yet still understated, and it was. Sort of. Except that the color seemed a bit fake looking on me - almost an exaggerated nude that didn't go with my skin tone. I also wasn't a fan of the consistency. It's like a lipstick where too much comes off with even the lightest touch in application. I find it to be far too heavy, but then I thought that maybe it's just this particular color...

Then my birthday this year rolled around and Sephora's Beauty Insider birthday gift was this adorable duo of the same lip treatment! I was so excited to try the other colors- especially the Rose (apparently the most popular color).

Left swatch : Honey
Right Swatch: Rose

I love love love the Rose color, it's beautiful and gives just enough color and warmth to the face. Again, I don't like the consistency, although the Rose consistency is a bit lighter than the Sugar (clear) and the Honey. I used up the entire clear sample in a little over a week. I felt as though it made my lips more dry- I found myself applying it over and over again obsessively. I don't particularly like this product (even though I tried so hard to)! My favorite out of the three is the Rose, however I wouldn't recommend the product given the price and effectiveness. It made my lips feel really heavy with piled-on product. It was thick but not moisturizing- really disappointing. 

Cost: $22.50
Repurchase: no
Recommend: no

Have you tried this product? What are your lip product recommendations? :-)


  1. I didn't love these initially either. I got the same Sephora duo, but haven't used up even half of either one, and I definitely feel you on the "piled on" aspect. If I had to pick a favorite lip treatment at the moment, I'd say I've finally come around to my Korres lip butters. They're very moisturizing and they definitely don't feel thick. And, depending on the one you buy, they even add a bit of easy color to the lips. Plus, they're about half the price of those Fresh treatments! x

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll pick those up on my next trip to the mall :)

  2. ugh, i hate hate you buy lip moisturizing products only for it to make your lips dry. great review.

    xo, natasha solae