Tuesday, January 13, 2015

LOST: Arriving Pt 2

The day wasn't over. We went over to campus to pick up our textbooks, get our IDs, pick up our white coats and have a look around. Oh, and a campus tour. I guess this post will be more of a photo diary, but you'll get the picture (hah).

The books weighed at least 30 lbs..

It didn't take long to register, and even less time to print our IDs. My photo came out awful, but who's didn't right? The books however, were something else. They seem pretty interesting though. We picked them up and waited for the bus to head back to Grand Anse. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes to get on that bus. Oh! and evidently we went on the wrong bus (we took the one that said Grand Anse/Grand View Inn or something like that) and it dropped us off down a LONG road away from our dorm...yes. With our books. And our bags with laptops and other things. I guess we learned our lesson- only take the bus that says True Blue/Grand Anse.

The far end, and around the corner is where the bus dropped us off. With our books.

The campus tour was alright though. I was way too tired to pay attention, but did grab a couple of photos of the ocean. The view is gorgeous on top of the "hill". The hill is apparently a "landmark" around the back of campus. There's a little gazebo like place where there's locals who sell food, fruits, and baked goods.

This is the view from the top of "the hill"

 It started POURING right after I took these. And they call it the dry season. A couple of people told me that the weather hasn't been regular though (I can see that haha).

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