Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today was day 2 of orientation. We started off the day with a great breakfast at the Radisson. It's probably the first legit meal I've had since I got here on the 11th!

As for orientation, it all started yesterday with welcome notices, things we need to know, a crash course on society, laws and customs of Grenada, and health and wellness lectures. Today they went over how to use clickers, the medical school curriculum, educational services, financial aid, and the day ended with a little ice cream social to showcase all of the clubs on campus. I signed up for the surgery club, mostly because it was interesting, but I'm not sure if I should be spending extra time doing things that don't pertain to the curriculum just yet. Oh well, I can always ignore the emails. Or maybe I'll like it and participate, we'll see.

They really have orientation week completely packed up until school starts on Monday. Tomorrow we've got a lecture on how to use the exam software, health insurance, and some info on housing, followed by a party.

Don't know how nervous I should be, pretty much everyone was freaking out over all the material. Maybe they're trying to scare us, we'll see. I can tell that losing self confidence will be detrimental here, so I'll probably do what I always did. Just my own thing.

I went and printed out my schedules- we've got so many of them! I'm going to compile them all into one, or copy it into my planner. The longer I look at it, the less intimidating it is, so that's good.

On a brighter note, here are a few pretty photos from the day.

Black sand beach (on campus)

goodnight then!

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