Monday, November 12, 2012

A Christmas List

A bit of a Christmas wishlist:

Such a cute and chic coat, it'll go with everything, and wouldn't go out of style.

I've always wanted a pair of leather pants!

And have been searching for the perfect pair of leather ballet flats. I've tried on so many, but these are so perfect!
One of my favorite candles.
A pair of ankle boots would be nice to add to my shoe closet.

Obsessed with tote bags, and this one is small enough to not look like suitcase, but large enough to dump my life in.

What's on your Christmas list?


  1. Love the Zara coat and the Madewell boots, I would definitely be happy to wear either of those!! Great picks :)

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  2. Love the tote and Madewell boots - really chic selections :) I have always wanted to buy a pair of leather jeggings, but I'm pretty sure they would look terrible on me lol. The Zara pair are super nice though!

  3. Great blog! I'm a new follower, and it would be great if you would follow back.


  4. Ooohh those Zara leggings look amazing! I want them so bad!